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Thank you for visiting my page of music! A little about this page. I'm still working on adding songs here. Many things influence the music I write. The person with the biggest influence is Nubuo Uematsu. Since 1987 his compositions in Final Fantasy have caught my ear. His music invokes all kinds of emotions and I think it brilliantly ties a story with the characters. None of my music has vocals, and I don't own any fancy music editing software. My songs are just simple synthesized compositions tied together with cake walk. All of them are part of a story that I'm working on called Fantasy's Realm. Check out my links to the left to see more about what inspires me and Fantasy's Realm. I hope you enjoy these songs.
Fantasy's Realm - Grandpa's Room
Imagine walking into a small village with children playing and a small creek through the center of town is churning water. You see a row of cottages and in one of them is a small room with one bed surrounded by a plethora of knick knacks and old artifacts. Sitting on a chest at that end of the bed is an old man...Grandpa! He looks up with his inviting eyes and silvery/gray hair. He's about to tell the story of Fantasy's Realm. This song is all about serenity.
This is realy just a simple loop of chord progressions and some percussion. I plan on using the chord progressions in a future song.